Hayman Start Series 5-piece drum kit


5-piece drum kit, black single braced stands, drum throne, cymbals & sticks, black

Complete drumset with hardware pack including; snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand & bass drum pedal, drum throne and drumsticks.

Black rims & aluminium lugs
Deluxe snare Throw-off
Quality hammered cymbals.
Black hardware with contrasting brushed chrome joints
Contrasting red footboard on pedals

– 22″ bass drum (47cm deep)
– 10″ tom (23cm deep)
– 12″ tom (25cm deep)
– 16″ floor tom (37cm deep)
– 14″ snare drum (16cm deep)
– 14″ and 16″ cymbals

Inclusive 14″ hi-hats and 16″ ride/crash cymbal.
Drum throne in height adjustable from 50 till 63 cm.

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Hayman Start Series 5-piece drum kit


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