Richwood Tenor Banjo.
This 19 fret Richwood master Series tenor banjo is popular mostly in jazz and Irish traditional music. The 19 fret version has a louder and tighter sound than the mellower 17 fret version. The typical playing style of a tenor banjo is with a plectrum, but of course we encourage you to explore all techniques on this instrument. As with all Master Series banjos the RMB-604 is a very stable instrument with 24 brackets, quality wood and parts, ensuring a lifetime of musical pleasure.

Richwood Tenor Banjo Specs

top: Remo weatherking white 11”
rim: laminated mahogany
resonator: mahogany
neck: mahogany
fingerboard: technical wood
bridge: maple with ebony cap
tuners: banjo style 4:1 ratio
truss rod: two way adjustable
scale length: 57,5 cm
top nut width: 30,5 mm
total instrument length: 87 cm

nut material: bone
binding: ivoroid
finish: highgloss clear
hardware: chrome plated
tuning: Irish tuning: GDAE, standard tuning: CGDA
brackets: 24
weight: app. 3,15 kg


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